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We’re open 6 days a week, please call to make an appointment.

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We're still OPEN and here to help. 

Covid-19 Operating Adjustments - ONE PERSON IN THE WAITING ROOM AT A TIME

At Westbrook Vets we are prioritising the health of our team, their families and the wider community. We endevour to remain open as long as possible to be available to care for the health of your pets. We aim to comply with social distancing recommendations, and for this reason we are adapting our protocols. Your visit to our clinic looks a little different, but we are still open as usual. 

Dont be alarmed or annoyed when we ask you routine questions

1) Have you been interstate or overseas in the past four weeks, or been in close contact with someone who has?

2) Do you have any respiratory symptoms or fever, or are awaiting Covid-19 Test Results?

3) Have you been in contact with a known case of COVID-19 or someone awaiting Covid-19 Test Results?

Please only bring ONE person to your appointment. If this is impossible, we ask you to remain in your car and our team will collect your pet from your car.

To help with speed of service please phone ahead for medication and food orders so we can have them ready for you when you arrive. 

Your visit to our clinic now looks a little different. 

We are now allowing a single client (or two from the same family) in our waiting area. Please take note of the recommended 1.5m distancing and the marked guides on our floor. 

When you arrive, before entering the front door please check that the waiting room is empty. If there is already somebody being served at reception please wait outside. We are monitoring people waiting outside so may come out to serve you there or otherwise please wait until the previous client has left before entering. If you feel you have been missed or are in a hurry, please knock or call us on 46 306 633.  

If you would rather not enter the clinic please let us know. 

If you would rather be met outside or at your vehicle for transfer of your pet or collection of goods please call the clinic on arrival and we will happily come out to meet you outside or at your vehicle. 

Consults - one client with their pet

As our consult rooms are quite small, we can only safely distance with 2 people in the room. During examination of your pet we are now allowing you to hold your animal if you wish for a short period less than 10 minutes. As we are then not maintaining a 1.5m distance from you while examining your pet this can only be for basic examinations. For more involved examinations, nail clips, anal glands, ear examination we will take your pet out the back for a nurse to hold for us. You are welcome to wait in the consult room or reception until we return it back to you. If you'd rather not come into the consult room, or run some other errands or wait outside please let us know. 

We appreciate your patience during this ever changing and unprecedented time. 


We will continue to post updates on our Facebook Page


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